Dagens andakt

If there’s no involvement, there’s no commitment.

Some of the people who drive Sunday School buses here in New York were passengers just a few years ago. They were the kids we were picking up, rescuing off the streets. They were the ones whose lives were most changed. Now they are the ones doing the changing, the rescuing. More than half their lives have been involved with the city, the kids, and the ministry. They are committed.

The level of commitment I see in these young men and women is unbelievable in today’s society. They are the most dedicated and devoted workers I’ve ever known, and they will do whatever it takes to get the job done – no matter how difficult it is.

Why get committed to something? How can we be committed enough to make a difference? It’s simple. If you really want to make an impact, then make an investment. Getting committed means getting involved. You’ll never be truly committed to anything if you don’t let it become a part of your life. As a relationship, ministry, career, or dream becomes more a part of you, and you become more involved, your commitment grows.

Do you work with a group of volunteers? Have you ever tried to get them committed to accomplish something that they’re not directly involved in?Motivating people to do something if they don’t first ”own” part of it is difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish. Don’t even try it.

The life of a church is like the life of a person. If there is no involvement with God, there is no commitment to God. Whenever I see a church that’s not truly involved with God, there’s always a lack of commitment to do something for God.

What are you involved in today, right now? Good or bad, that’s where your commitments are too.

Från Blindguide Chronicles vol. 1 av Bill Wilson :)


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