Dagens andakt

The problem is in reality; the solution is in my attitude

Though she was still bruised and broken from the last attack, the little girl was sent back to her abusive parents by the judge. Her parents gladly took her back, although when she got home the abuse didn’t end. Her mother held her down while her father…

She was dead a few days later.

At times in the city you really have to search for the presence og God. He’s here, but the reality of the street often keeps Him well hidden. It’s like a disease that’s spreading. There’s so much going on and too many problems to count. Everything happens so fast, spinning out of control overnight, and then it’s too late. My life feels like the city: it’s too fast with too many problems and out of control. When it all starts to close in on me, I wonder: ”Is the reality of today just a little too much to handle?” Are you with me on this? Let me tell you one thing: You have a choice!v You will always have a choice. Right now problems are staring you in the face like a mugger on the street. You can either give in and let these problems steal your day (just hand it over and lose it forever), or you can choose a different attitude – and win. You will not find the solutions you need to win this day if you look at reality first. Start with your attitude. When you want the right solution, begin with the right attitude -one that’s positive, healthy and reveals the presence of God. God is not hidden in the city, and He’s not hiding from you. Instead, He’s waiting to be the foundation of your attitude. So stand on His corner of the street today, and don’t let reality mess with you.


Från Blindguide Chronicles av Bill Wilson :)



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